Oct 16

5 Things to Look Out for When Buying Cheap IP Cameras

IP Cameras have become a mainstay in a lot of homes and establishments. They are primarily used to do some surveillance in an area of interest.

Now, a lot of people want to get their hands on IP cameras but they usually buy one of those cheap IP cameras on the market.

Although that is your prerogative, there are some precautions when buying inexpensive IP cameras.

Today, I am going to talk about the 5 things you need to look out for when buying one of those cheap IP cameras in the market.

1. Resolution. One of the main benefits of getting an IP camera over a CCTV camera is that the IP cameras have a higher resolution. But, higher resolution on the spec sheet might not reflect real world performance. If you are going to buy a cheap IP camera, make sure that you get to see the product first and have a test run of the product as well. Even though it says something like “1080p resolution support”, it might not come out as true 1080p quality. It is best to be sure because if it isn’t up to par with your standards, then you’re just wasting your money.

2. Companion Software Should Be User-Friendly. Each and every IP camera comes with a companion app or software. Now, if you have the companion app or software, those two things must be user-friendly enough that even non-tech-savvy people can navigate through the options with ease but it also has to be robust as well; making sure that all of the important features are present. Some inexpensive IP camera software does not include important options like compression and setting the resolution. It is best to look at the software first before buying the product (by looking at product reviews or product images).

3. Motion Detection Should be Good. Another common feature of the IP camera is the motion detection feature. Once motion is detected within its area of scope, you will instantly be notified via text or email. Now, most inexpensive cameras do have this but sometimes, you get a long delay before getting the messages. In other words, some cheap IP cameras do not send you the message until after some lag time. Be sure to test out this feature first before buying one of those cheap IP cameras on the market.

4. Night Vision Should Be Good as Well. One of the main reasons why people get IP cameras is they want to grasp footage of their premises. Most of the time, when burglars or people with malicious intents attack your premises, it will almost be during nighttime because of a lower chance of visibility. Most IP cameras are equipped with IR LEDs that help it provide footage despite the low lighting conditions. Unfortunately, and this is mostly true for inexpensive IP cameras, their Night Vision isn’t that good. If you could test out this feature first before buying, it would be great. I highly encourage you to look at the camera’s Night vision first before purchasing.

5. Other Security Features. The last thing I want you to look out for when buying an IP camera is its included security features. Does the IP camera have an anti-tamper system? Does it have a very good alarm system? Does it have password protection? If some or all of these features are present, then it is a good IP camera and one worthy of your money.

I am not prohibiting people from buying inexpensive IP cameras but I am telling them to look out for these 5 things first before buying.

Jun 16

Razer BlackWidow X Chroma

Razer is a very big gaming peripherals company. They have ventured into a lot of niches as they have also created peripherals for other game consoles such as the Xbox 360, for example.

Today, I am going to talk about the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma. This is one of their newest gaming keyboards that hit the market and I am amazed with it.

The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma is catered for extreme gamers but the keyboard can also be used for typists as well.

First, I want to talk about the build quality. The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma comes with a metal base. Unlike the previous iterations of the Blackwidow Chroma, the Blackwidow X Chroma is built to last because of the metal construction.

Now, we are going to talk about the mechanical switches. The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma is a full mechanical gaming keyboard in that all of the keys are mechanical.

The switches that were used in the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma is the proprietary Razer Green switches. This is akin to the MX Blue switches from a German keyboard manufacturer called “Cherry”.

Razer Greens are manufactured by a company called “Kailh”. This is where a lot of consumers are at war. You see, most of the gaming keyboards before use the patented Cherry MX Switches. That is because they are not only durable but the tactility of the keys is amazing.

The Razer Greens, at least in its first iterations, were hit and miss. It’s either you got a good keyboard or a bad keyboard because the quality control for Razer Greens before was seemingly non-existent.

But, that has now changed and the Razer Greens are one of the best in the market today. It needs 50g of actuation force, much like the Cherry MX Blues, and it provides a satisfying click sound in every key press.

Furthermore, the Razer Green switches are built to last as it is rated to withstand 80 million keystrokes. It also comes with a 10-key rollover feature that allows you to press 10 keys and all of them will register on the screen.

Another thing that makes the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma enticing for gamers is its RGB lighting. Razer dubs the RGB lighting scheme as their “Chroma” edition of peripherals.

The RGB or Chroma lighting can be tweaked using the Razer Synapse software. I am impressed by the ease of use of the software. Even a non-tech savvy person can navigate through the options without hassle.

All of the keys will illuminate and it is up to you to tweak the lighting style according to your preferences. You can also assign commands to any of the keys on the keyboard.

Aside from the aforementioned features, the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma also comes with a better cable management, macro-recording options, and media keys.

If you are serious about gaming or you just want to type with a very good keyboard, then the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma is a very good buy.

Apr 16

VKTech 850 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Most mobile phone signal boosters nowadays have evolved. Some come with really cool technologies such as the ability for the signal booster to adjust its gain settings for optimal performance, much more improved processor, and so much more.

With all of these bells and whistles found in modern mobile phone signal boosters, however, it also means that these signal boosters do not come cheap.

What if you just wanted to have amazing call clarity? What if you just want an inexpensive mobile phone signal booster that can boost overall signal performance without the heavy price tag?

Well, you can still buy those mobile phone signal boosters. Luckily, I have found a signal booster that is inexpensive but very much worth it because of its performance.

The VKTech 850 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a simple signal booster that only boosts CDMA and 2G frequencies. If you’re looking for a mobile phone signal booster that can boost 3G and even 4G LTE signals, then you may want to look for something else.

The VKTech 850 Mobile Phone Signal Booster makes use of a yagi-directional antenna and this antenna is especially useful for people who are very far away from their service provider’s cell towers.

The only drawback of yagi-directional antennas is that you have to angle them towards the direction of the cell tower. You will know this by getting your phone and pointing it 360 degrees until you can find the direction where you can get better signals. Then, that direction is where you will angle the yagi-directional antenna.

This mobile phone signal booster comes with a 55dB amplifier. The amplifier, albeit has high gain, is in a small package. Both the external and internal antennas have 7dB gain which is actually quite powerful considering that this signal booster only boosts CDMA and 2G signals.

So, how do you install the VKTech 850 Mobile Phone Signal Booster? Here are the steps:

  1. Get your mobile phone and go to the rooftop. Point your mobile phone to the direction where you can get the most signals. Then, angle the external antenna pointing towards that direction.
  2. Next, place the base amplifier unit somewhere convenient and plug in the power supply.
  3. Place the internal antenna in the middle portion of your house
  4. Plug both the internal antenna and external antenna in their respective slots in the mobile phone signal booster.
  5. Power on the signal booster and wait a couple of minutes. That’s it!

You usually have to wait 3-5 minutes for the signal booster’s powers to kick in. You will know when it is already working when you get increased signals on your mobile phone.

The VKTech 850 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a very, very good mobile phone signal booster. Although it doesn’t boost 3G and LTE signals, it is very effective at boosting CDMA and 2G frequencies.

If you just want a simple mobile phone signal booster that doesn’t burn your wallet, the VKTech 850 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a good choice.

Feb 16

Lara Croft Go Game for the iOS

Are you fond of the Tomb Raider series? If so, you’ve probably grown some liking to the lead character, Lara Croft. Lara Croft has been in many iterations of the franchise; from games to movies.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the Lara Croft Go Game for the iOS. Apple’s mobile phones are packed with impressive specs and that is why a lot of game developers are scrambling to create games that make use of the iPhone’s prowess.

The story is of course all about raiding ancient tombs for treasure as Lara Croft has a knack for that. The game is a turn-based puzzle adventure game that is fraught with mystery and deadly traps.

This game is also quite huge because the levels are subdivided into different chapters and each chapter has sub levels and so on.

The Lara Croft Go Game for the iOS has impressive visuals. This game presents the player in an isometric perspective and that the graphics are just superb. The colors are vibrant and that the effects are great.

Now, to complement the action and adventure, this game also has a captivating soundtrack. The soundtrack matches the game perfectly and whether you’re fighting a boss or if you’re in a dire situation, the soundtrack is just spot on.

There is a lot of things you can do with the game. This Apple mobile phone game has over 101 puzzles to solve that are split into different chapters. In fact, the game developers will add more content in future updates.

Gaming pundits have tried this game and they are just awestruck by it. Aside from its stunning visuals, the Lara Croft Go Game for the iOS presents the players with challenging puzzles and obstacles that Lara Croft must solve.

There are also multiple achievements you can unlock throughout the game. I’ve read quite a lot about this game and some people have actually had trouble solving some puzzles. Although, they are optional in nature, you will not only get rare items and valuables but you will also earn exclusive achievements once you’ve accomplished it.

As of this time of writing, the Lara Croft Go Game for the iOS mobile phones have just released a hefty update version 2.0. In this update, expect to have over 26 new puzzles in the new cave of fire map; a new game mechanic that promises to change the enemy’s behavior when triggered; 2 new costumes and artifacts to collect; new achievements; a new snapshot feature to allow you to grab screenshots on the fly; and a really nifty language selection menu.

Rest assured that this game gets updated often. If you find any bugs during the entire course of the game, please feel free to report it so that it gets fixed asap.

The Lara Croft Go Game for the iOS is one of the best games for the operating system in 2015. Apple’s mobile phones pack some pretty impressive specs that lets this game shine.

If you want to try this game out, it will only cost you $5. This app can be downloaded on the Apple App store.

Jan 16

Research Verified Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Supplement

In today’s world where everything has competitors and that everything has a lot of the same, how should you choose? Specifically, how are you going to know if a certain weight loss supplement is effective? Well, one way to know if a supplement is effective is if the ingredients are well-researched.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Research Verified Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Supplement. This company pride themselves of delivering products that are well-researched and that each product or capsule has the right amount of ingredients for increased potency.

Raspberry Ketones, in its own right, is already well-researched. In fact, it rose into popularity when Dr. Oz introduced it on his show. He and his team of researchers found out that Raspberry Ketones suppresses the body’s ability to store fat, making you lose more fat than not taking Raspberry Ketones.

Research Verified Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss supplement has been very well researched as well. They’ve found out the right dosage each capsule should have in order for you to lose weight.

The Research Verified Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss supplements contain a concentrated dose of 500mg of pure Raspberry Ketones and the recommended dosage is two capsules per day, making it a more potent 1000mg per day.

This Raspberry Ketone supplement is also Vegan-friendly as there are no animal proteins used in the making of this supplement.

ResearchVerified, as a company, also pride themselves of making only top quality supplements. They said that their supplements were made from cGMP certified labs and that these labs adhere to the strictest quality standards, to ensure the safety and potency of these supplements.

As if that is not enough to persuade you into buying this Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplement, the company also has a 1-year money-back guarantee! If in the event that you are not happy with the product and the results you’ve been getting, you can return the product to them and you will get your money back, with no questions asked!

That is really something and I think that they are one of a few companies that have this kind of a deal.

So, is the Research Verified Raspberry Ketones highly effective? Let’s find out by reading some customer reviews:

Luis: "After seeing Dr.Oz's introduction and reporting the effects of Raspberry Ketones, I just have to get some for myself. I am a little overweight and I wanted to lose weight. I've just eaten like I haven't eaten for years because of the Holiday Season, and I want a supplement that can help me lose a lot of weight. Fortunately, I found the Research Verified Raspberry Ketones. It is very easy to swallow and it is quite effective in helping me lose weight. I've already lost 5 lbs in just 10 days. I am going to buy more of these soon!"

Maggie: “These Raspberry Ketones from ResearchVerfied is the supplement I’ve been waiting for! I am just happy because I’ve lost 3 lbs in just 5 days! I feel no bloating at all and I’ve also noticed that I do not eat quite as often now. This stuff just works!”

The ResearchVerified Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss supplement is a good product if you want to lose weight and suppress your appetite. This supplement costs only $98.

Nov 15

The TLC Diet

Do you agree that everyone needs a little bit of TLC? TLC usually stands for Tender Loving Care, but did you know that there is a diet that is called TLC as well? The TLC diet is a diet plan recognized by the American Heart Association because it gives tremendous results in reducing LDL, or “bad” cholesterol levels in the human body.

Low-Density Lipoprotein is the bad cholesterol and when left to its own devices, will lead to heart disease and even stroke. The TLC diet stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet. The aim is to create a meal plan that significantly cuts down on saturated fat because this kind of fat increases LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

There are important notes you must follow if you want to follow the TLC diet:

  1. Limit Saturated Fat intake to only 7% per day. This is a must. Saturated fats are the main culprits in increasing LDL cholesterol in your body. Such examples of foods that are high in saturated fats are Salami, Butter, and Dairy-milk.
  2. Set your target Calorie Level. For men, consume a maximum of 2500 calories and for women, a maximum of 1,800 calories per day. If you want to lose weight, consume 1,800 calories for men and 1,200 calories a day for women.
  3. Food Choices. Limit meat intake to only 5 ounces per day. Eat skinless poultry, fish, and lots of fruits and vegetables. If you want to drink milk, opt for the low-fat or non-fat variants.
  4. Use Vegetable Oil. Vegetable Oil contains unsaturated fat, which is the kind of fat you would want in your body. Non-fat mayonnaise is also a good choice.
  5. Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolates are the preferred dessert option when you’re undergoing the TLC diet. Dark Chocolates contain Flavonoids that help lower LDL cholesterol levels.
  6. Avoid Fast Foods. Not only do fast foods contain a lot of calories, they also have high levels of Saturated fats. So, avoid fast foods like the plague.

tlcWhen you’re doing the TLC diet, it is also of paramount importance that you look at the food labels when you’re buying from the supermarket. Look for any saturated fat, and make sure to limit your intake of it to only 7% per day.

Consult a doctor and a personal trainer so that they can design a perfect exercise regimen for you. An amazing diet is only amazing if it is coupled with exercise, so having the right exercises and dedication will help you lose more weight.

The TLC diet recommends that you do 30-minutes of exercise 5-7 times a week. This will not only help you lose weight, but you will also improve your overall well-being.

A lot of people are finding the TLC diet to be a doable diet. It’s not one of those diets that heavily restrict you or anything. Plus, it doesn’t cost you that much either, because most of the foods can be eaten so long as it doesn’t contain too much saturated fat.

If you’re looking for a solid diet plan, the TLC diet is an amazing diet you can try.

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Jul 14

Can It Be Really Worth Obtaining Nintendo Games Console

It might be a significant problem to decide on which Nintendo gaming console is perfect for you. Nintendo 3DS group is actually represented by 5 different units - that's the reason it is actually tough to choose what exactly is good for you. So what are the selections available? 3DS and even 3DS XL are the original models which happen to be provided by means of Nintendo. However we simply cannot overlook the Nintendo 2DS.

3DS has a few added benefits that are really obvious. These include far better processor, bigger screen and, needless to say, 3 dimensional modern technology. We now have geared up various tips that will allow you to choose the particular games console out of 3DS group which will fit all your desires.
We have to point out the fact that 2DS versions are in reality less costly than 3DS. The actual display screens associated with 2DS are a component of one particular display and this is the good reason why it is actually less costly. Plastic display divides that display screen in two distinct components. This is why it's a great deal easier to produce Nintendo 2DS when comparing it together with 3DS and it features a sizable impact on price tag.
Three-dimensional screen happens to be available in 3DS versions. Naturally, it's not a possibility within 2DS. It is evident that 2DS is also less expensive because of this factor. The 3DS has got small sliders on the side of the actual display screen, allowing you to choose the power of the actual three dimensional effect. This particular function may be turned off if perhaps you would like to.
It is actually noticed that a number of men and women feel headaches but this happens to an extremely small amount of folks. No glasses are needed by means of 3 dimensional engineering which is used within 3DS. 3DS is generally chosen by more mature game enthusiasts. Children select 2DS much of the time.
Your movements happen to be monitored by the games system with the aid of video cameras that happen to be in the front of the particular games system. This engineering is completely new and is now currently being utilized by Nintendo. Based on your own movements, the actual three dimensional effect happens to be modified and you may feel real three-dimensional perspective. The particular name that is given to this technology is actually Super Stable 3D.
3 dimensional effect is excellent in the newest models. Generally there are various reasons for this. It isn't just much more trustworthy, additionally, it provides a far better colour imitation.
There won't be any game support difficulties along with the actual Nintendo 2DS - it is exclusively a cut-down gaming console in certain aspects. All 3DS game titles are going to perform along with the particular 2DS, and all of DS games are going to furthermore work with all 3 gaming systems.
Why is this? Exactly the same sensors and also the identical sort of processor chip is available in just about all models - 3DS largest benefit is actually three dimensional choice. We are able to nearly state that virtually all units can do the exact same. Nonetheless, you should consider the fact that the particular 3DS features boosted processor, which increases the particular loading time regarding games, download rates of speed and basic menu navigation.
If you aren't thinking about 3D capabilities, or perhaps really are a young individual, 2DS looks like a wise purchase. You should also know that toughness which 2DS offers is better because there are much less hardware parts. 3DS is actually a much better choice if you actually consider oneself to be an seasoned player.

May 14

African mango more

Did you know that some people have been using African mango supplement not to lose weight but to help them fight everyday stress? While doctors prohibit the use of some diet pills by people who are already fit, African mango supplement is not one of them. This West African wonder pushes the boundaries of the weight loss street to welcome individuals who have no weight issues. These individuals use this supplement to help them fight fatigue. In our fast-paced world where everyday activities are just too exhausting, the new dieting trend gives you a more energized feel while actually boosting your stamina.

Why African Mango Supplement Make You Feel Strong

The effective mechanism that works in the African Mango supplement is not just a random melting of the unwanted cholesterol in your body. Instead, what the African mango seed extract does when absorbed by the body is to target the already stored cholesterol in your thighs, belly, butt area or waist that are probably clogged or clotted. The fat may have been hardened but this particular supplement is strong enough to break it all down. The amazing result is that the calories you just received from your recent food consumption will all be available for use in your daily activities. Thus, your system will have a lot of freshly stored energy ready for action.

What happens inside your body is a whole lot different when you take other chemically manufactured pills. What they do is to convert the contents of your meals to energy form in order to participate in the intense fat-burning process. They use up the calories from your recent meals to break down your stored cholesterol. This exhausting mechanism is the reason why you feel weak when you take other kinds of diet pills.

Another notable difference with African mango supplement is that it is packed with vitamins. These essential nutrients give you a fresh and energized feel, allowing you to be more productive throughout the day. Since your body does not get tired so easily, there’s no room for fatigue.

The Helpful Caffeine Content

Another beneficial content in African mango supplement is caffeine. We know that this substance keeps you awake for hours. With the caffeine content of the African mango seed extract, you do not have to drink coffee two to three times a day as it will keep you alert and lively for all the tasks of the day.

These are some reasons why people without weight issues are turning to the African mango supplement for their personal health solution. No wonder this African mango is called the ‘magic fruit’ in the field of weight loss. It is a product of nature that does not damage your system, but instead give you more energy to fight everyday stress. It is clinically proven by a series of experiments on humans so your health will surely be protected. It truly deserves to be called a groundbreaking discovery.

Aug 13

African mango diet

How African Mango Helps You With More Than Just Weight Loss

African mango supplements are quickly becoming one of the hottest weight loss products on the market today. This is because these supplements work! They help to rev up the metabolism and in turn, burn more calories. African mango is believed to help the body control and regulate the production of insulin and this means better absorption of blood sugar so that it does not get converted into body fat.

While African mango supplements are primarily used for weight loss, they have many other benefits that are worth considering. It’s vital that a person protect and safeguard their overall health and supplements can do this, especially if the diet is lacking in certain nutrients. Supplements made from natural fruits like the African mango can give the body the nutrients it needs to be strong.

Health Benefits

The African mango is saturated with many vitamins and minerals needed for health. This includes vitamin C which helps to bolster the immune system so a person has less risk of illness, and can recuperate more quickly after an illness. Have a stronger immune system keeps a person from feeling fatigued and can allow them more energy. This is turn can mean more exercise, and exercise increases the blood circulation. Blood feeds the cells and keeps them strong.

African mango is also high in many essential minerals that keep the body healthy, and which help to rebuild and renew cells. These minerals also help to break down toxins in the body and flush them away. This too keeps the body healthier and keeps the cells stronger.

Other Benefits of African Mango

Like other fruits, the African mango is high in fiber and fiber helps you to feel full and to break down other foods so they can be absorbed into the system. When foods are broken down and absorbed into the system, the body receives more nourishment overall. When you feel full, you tend to eat less.

All of these health benefits are easily absorbed into the body because the African mango is natural and gentle on the system. Taking an African mango supplement can help a person to feel full and to keep their appetite under control, and can bolster their immune system, without harsh and harmful side effects. This is why the supplement is good for weight loss and maintenance and good for a person’s health overall.

May 13

African Mango

If you find that you’re steadily gaining weight as the years go by, you’re certainly not alone. The body’s metabolism slows down as a person gets older and it’s easier to pack on the pounds, plus many people work sedentary jobs all day and do little to burn of extra calories. Foods are also typically very calorie dense so it’s easy to have too many calories even if you don’t eat a lot of food.
Using an African mango supplement can help a person to fight weight gain in a variety of ways, and it’s important that everyone understand why they need to do this for their health. Being overweight is not simply a matter of a person’s overall look, but it can and does affect their health. Consider how that is, and consider why African mango supplements are the best choice.

Obesity and Health

First consider how excess body weight and especially obesity can affect your overall health. That extra weight is putting pressure on your joints, especially your hips, back, knees, and ankles. It’s not unusual for someone who is heavyset to develop early arthritis in these areas.
Extra body weight also causes the heart to work harder so that a person may be at higher risk for heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

Having fat around the midsection also means that a person has fat around their internal organs and this can be very toxic, as body fat holds toxins. These toxins can build up in the system and weaken the immune system. If a person is overweight they may exercise less because of this extra weight they’re carrying, so their lungs aren’t as healthy and they’re not getting as much healing oxygen into their system. These are just a few reasons why maintaining a healthy body weight is so important.

Why African Mango Supplements

The African mango is all-natural and contains a number of healthy vitamins and trace minerals. These increase the metabolism and bolster the immune system, and can regulate the body’s production of insulin. All of these keep the body weight at a healthy level and can also help a person to feel more energized and less lethargic throughout the day. While there are many supplements on the market, the African mango is one of the best for its effectiveness and for helping to maintain a healthy body weight.

Weight Loss with African mango

If you’re trying to lose weight or control your appetite for healthier eating, you may have heard about the African mango supplement. This is one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market today and one that many people are using to control their appetite, curb their eating, and melt body fat. While no supplement is perfect, many are saying that the African mango extract is one of the best that’s ever been developed and is offering great results for everyone who tries it.

Before you decide that this is the supplement for you, it’s good to understand what is the African mango and why it’s so useful for weight loss. Consider where it comes from and what’s usually included in a quality supplement.

Where It’s From

The African mango is a plant that is native to Cameroon and it only grows in warm and tropical environments. Most citrus plants that grow in tropical environments are very good for the metabolism as the citrus composition helps to break down other foods and allows them to be absorbed into the digestive tract. These plants are also high in hydration content, as those who live in these environments need adequate hydration.

African mango supplements are typically made with the seeds of the plant itself, and these are very potent. They contain the highest level of concentrated nutrients, so the seeds typically have the most appetite suppressing powers. These seeds can make a person feel full and can also speed up the metabolism so that they burn more calories, and in turn, lose more weight.

What’s in a Supplement

Many African mango supplements have added nutrients so they can be most effective. These may include a concentration of vitamins and other trace minerals, many of which help to protect your digestive system and keep you healthy. Vitamin C can bolster your immune system and vitamin D is needed for food absorption. These help the body to be more nourished overall.

Some supplements may also contain added minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium, and even copper and iron. These too help to keep the body healthy and may bolster the immune system. When your immune system is strong, you have more energy and can work out more, and burn calories more efficiently. When shopping for an African mango supplement, be sure to keep these points in mind so you get the most out of your product.